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Two Setaram AlexSYS high temperature Calvet calorimeters for oxide melt solution calorimetry to obtain the enthalpies of formation, mixing enthalpies, surface energies, etc.


microDSC7 Evo

Calvet type calorimeter for high sensitivity DSC and microcalorimetry between -45 and 120°C. Used for reaction calorimetry, mixing, heat capacity measurements, high pressure experiments (up to 1000 bar).


Setaram C80 and BT 2.15

Three Calvet type calorimeters for analysis between –150° and 300° C. Used for heat of solution experiments in aqueous and organic solvents, heat capacity measurements, gas adsorption studies, in situ synthesis calorimetry. Setaram C-80 with reverse mechanism can be used to determine the heat of mixing of solids and liquids.


Sensys Evo coupled with Micromeritics ASAP

A gas dosing system for surface area measurements, combined with a Calvet type calorimeter calorimeter (room temperature to 800 C), for gas sorption and surface energy measurements


CSC and HART calorimeters

Three room temperature solution calorimeters for heat of formation measurements

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