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Featuring Regents Professor Alexandra Navrtosky


Alexandra Navrotsky is awarded the Czochralski Medal for lifetime achievement from the European Materials Research Society.

Alex Navrotsky, director of the Navrotsky Eyring Center for Materials of the Universe, will be honored at conferences in three countries this year in recognition of her accomplishments and her 80th birthday.


Utilizing four unique testing machines and an open access policy, the lab plans to begin full-scale experiments within a year

The Navrotsky Eyring Center invites applications for a postdoctoral position.

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Christmas Letter 2022

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The National Science Foundation has just announced a $13.7M grant from its Mid-scale Research Infrastructure-1 Program to establish a national high pressure facility on the ASU campus, which will be unique in the United States. This grant, with PI’s Kurt Leinenweber, Alexandra Navrotsky, David J. Smith, Thomas G. Sharp and S.H.-D. Shim, will provide four major pieces of equipment, specialized space for their installation and operation, and staff support.


2023 CIDER Summer Program

June 19 - July 14, 2023

“Causes and consequences of fluid and magma transport

at plate boundaries”


CIDER announces a new summer program for the geosciences community ( Organizers: Magali Billen, Jeff Freymueller, Greg Hirth, Terry Plank and Jessica Warren.


The CIDER 2023 summer program is funded by the NSF GeoPRISMS program to explore the causes and consequences of fluid and magma transport at plate boundaries. Lectures and tutorials are organized around three research themes: (1) the role of aqueous fluid on fault interfaces at subduction zones and ridges; (2) magma production rates and tectonic interactions at subduction zones and ridges; (3) magma transport from the source to the crust. The goal is to synthesize past scientific results and to look forward to future research initiatives.


CIDER's collaborative and interdisciplinary nature provides an ideal venue to introduce students and postdocs to exciting research challenges in the study of plate boundary processes. The Program brings together scientists at all stages of their careers and from across all disciplines to identify important research questions that can be advanced through interdisciplinary collaboration.


Like previous CIDER summer programs, the four-week program (June 19-July 14) is open to advanced graduate students and post-docs, as well as senior participants. The first two weeks are devoted to lectures and tutorials. The second two weeks are used to initiate collaborative group research projects.

This summer program will be held on the campus of University of California, Berkeley.  Applications are invited for both senior and junior

participants through the website A direct link to the application form is


The deadline for application is Friday, February 24.

Alexandra Navrotsky increases ASU donation to $10M to help ensure future of materials science

Navrotsky has made a $10 million donation to Arizona State University to help further the growth of material science at the university.

Prof. Alexandra Navrotsky dedicates her symposium to the memory of Prof. Austen Angell

Regents Professor Alexandra Navrotsky's International Symposium on Geochemistry for Sustainable Development is dedicated to her long-time friend and colleague Professor Austen Angell. She did so after hearing the sad news of Professor Angell's passing.

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March 16, 2021

In 2017, the first interstellar object from beyond our solar system was discovered via the Pan-STARRS astronomical observatory in Hawaii. It was named ‘Oumuamua, meaning "scout" or "messenger" in Hawaiian. The object was like a comet, but with features that were just odd enough to defy classification.

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