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Alexandra Navrotsky (2).jpg

Position at ASU: Professor & MotU Director

Research Interests:

Relating microscopic features of structure and bonding to macroscopic thermodynamic behavior in minerals, ceramics, and other complex materials.

Contact Email: Alexandra.Navrotsky@asu.edu

Country of Origin: USA

Fun Fact: I like to take in rescue-dogs and I have a mineral named after me, Navrotskyite

Kristina Lilova.jpg

Position at ASU: Assistant Research Professor

Research Interest(s): Thermodynamics of bulk and nano non oxides (chalcogenides, alloys, arsenides, etc...)

Contact Email: klilova@asu.edu

Country of Origin: Bulgaria

Fun Fact: I have been a gamer for over 30 years and playing is still an important part of my life.  

Sergey Ushakov.jpg

Position at ASU: Associate Research Professor

Research Interest(s): Structure and thermodynamics of refractory oxides, carbides and nitrides above 1500 °C using levitation techniques and high temperature diffraction.

Contact Email: sushakov@asu.edu

Country of Origin: Russia


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Benjamin Brugman.jpg


Position at ASU: Postdoctoral Scholar

Research Interest(s): Strength and deformation behavior of solids, high pressure crystallography, materials at extreme conditions, mineralogy and mineral physics.

Contact Email: bbrugman@asu.edu

Country of Origin: United States

Fun Fact: I am an amateur confectioner!


Meghan Guild

Position at ASU: Postdoctoral Scholar

Research Interest(s): I am a geochemist, experimentalist, petrologist, and thermodynamicist. I use a variety of analytical and modeling tools to learn more about the chemistry of planetary bodies.

Contact Email: meghan.guild@asu.edu

Country of Origin: USA

Fun Fact

Yifeng Han

Position at ASU: Postdoctoral Scholar

Research Interest(s): Han's research is focused on the study of new inorganic multifunctional materials under high pressure.

Contact Email: YifengHan@asu.edu

Country of Origin: China

Fun Fact

Manuel SCHARRER.png


Position at ASU: Postdoctoral Scholar

Research Interest(s): Using petrography, geochemistry, synthesis, thermodynamic data aquisition and extensive thermodynamic modeling to develop/refine formation models of ore deposits while considering both, physical and temporal aspects

Contact Email: mscharre@asu.edu

Tamil Subramani.jpg

Position at ASU: Postdoctoral Scholar

Research Interests: Synthesis, stability, and order-disorder energetics of oxide materials with fluorite, spinel, perovskite, rock salt related structures using high temperature oxide melt drop solution calorimetry.

Contact Email: tsubram2@asu.edu

Country of Origin: India

Fun Fact: Cooking and sharing food, tea enthusiast

School LIbrary

PhD Candidates

Gerson Leonel.jpg


Position at ASU: PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Zeolites, Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), and layered double hydroxide (LDHs)

Contact Email: gleonel@asu.edu

Country of Origin: Mozambique

Fun Fact: I can eat an entire pint of ben and jerry's ice cream in 4 minutes and 52 seconds.

Laura Bonatti.jpg


Position at ASU: PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Thermal analysis in high heating rates, MAX phases.

Contact Email: laura.bonatti@asu.edu

Country of Origin: Brazil (with Italian family)

Fun Fact: I'm in ASU's rowing team (but also miss my handball team in Brazil!) and enjoy baking.

Miguel Bustamante.jpg


Position at ASU: PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Studying the energetics of silicon-based polymer-derived ceramics, phase stability, and the thermodynamics of organic/inorganic polymer blends and their relation to smart material properties and development.

Contact Email: mebusta3@asu.edu

Country of Origin: I am originally from South America (Venezuela, been here in the United States for about 16 years)

Fun Fact: I paint and draw in my free time. (I am not very good, but it is entertaining lol)


Position at ASU: Ph.D. Candidate

Research Interests: Tullio has conducted research in the past on plant-based polymers, high energy chemical-based radiation detectors, inorganic phosphors, and sulfur isotope fractionation. He is currently working with Alexandra Navrotsky on sodium battery materials.

Contact Email: tgeraci@asu.edu

Country of Origin: USA 



Position at ASU: PhD Candidate 

Research Interests: Megan got her B.S. in Physics and her Master's in Nanoscience, and is now pursuing her Astrophysics PhD at SESE (School of Earth and Space Exploration). Her research interests include the first condensates of the solar nebula as well as exoplanet atmospheres, with an emphasis on surface energies and nucleation, and the need for more experimental work in the field of cosmochemistry.

Contact Email: mhouseho@asu.edu

Country of Origin: USA


Master Students 


Khushi Pandey.png

Position at ASU: Undergraduate Researcher

Research Interests: Heterogeneous catalysts

Contact Email: lttillma@asu.edu

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Fun Fact: I am a student leader at Fulton Ambassadors


Sourish Murthy


Position at ASU: Web Developer

Contact Email: vmurthy2@asu.edu

Country of Origin: India



Jayanthi Kumar.jpg
Albert Voskanyan.jpg


Position at ASU: Postdoctoral Scholar

Research Interests: Inorganic material synthesis, Layered battery materials, Layered double hydroxides, Solid-state Chemistry, Crystal structure refinement, Room temperature and high-temperature calorimetry

Contact Email: jkumar14@asu.edu

Country of Origin: India

Position at ASU: Postdoctoral Scholar

Research Interests: K.J. received his B.S. degree in Corrosion Engineering at the University of Akron in Akron, OH. He then completed his Ph.D. at the University of Virginia with a thesis on the hot corrosion of Ni- and Co-base alloys by mixed sulfate deposits. His interests include thermochemistry, high temperature corrosion/material-environment interactions, and the use of CALPHAD tools to understand high temperature chemical processes.

Contact Email: kmeisne1@asu.edu

Country of Origin: USA

Fun Fact: In his spare time he enjoys nature photography and reading science fiction novels.


Position at ASU: Undergraduate Researcher

Research Interests: Heterogeneous catalysts

Contact Email: lttillma@asu.edu

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Fun Fact: I am the president of Chess Club @ ASU


Position at ASU: Undergraduate Researcher

Research Interests: Acoustic Levitation and Pirani furnace

Contact Email: imatyush@asu.edu

Country of Origin: USA


Position at ASU: Visiting researcher (Ph.D. candidate at UC Davis)

Research Interests: Thermodynamics of non-oxide rare earth materials

Contact Email: syang210@asu.edu

Country of Origin: China



Nick #2 (2).jpg


Position at ASU: Undergraduate Researcher

Research Interests: Acoustic Levitation

Contact Email: nichola3@asu.edu

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